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Team Building Approaches

At the Talent Spirit, we focus on improving teams’ effectiveness in the work place. We like to work with intact teams and their stake-holders, as well as teams that are just starting up. We agree with the research that says that most conflict in teams is primarily generated by poorly defined responsibilities and processes, then by badly designed tasks and lastly by mismatched personalities.

We offer a wide range of services which include :


Start with a Team Diagnostic Survey which will indicate which conditions need to be implemented or improved. We will assist you in the process and help develop the action plan.


Have a half-day or whole day staff meeting or retreat with a team coach / process facilitator who will assist you in defining the team charter, roles and responsibilities, and work processes.


Invite your team to an Appreciative Team Building workshop (see our description of Appreciative Inquiry).


Run a creative team-building workshop using singing, art work or theatre techniques.