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Graphic Recording / Strategic Illustration

What is it?

A derivative of mind-mapping and non-linear thinking, graphic recording or strategic illustration, captures key words, concepts and ideas in meetings or seminars using words as anchors for illustrations and colour which allow a final “map” to reveal not only what is said but also what is not said. It impacts both intellectual and emotional levels. Words can be walls or windows said Marshall Rosenberg. Images are always windows. This technique combines the two.

What challenges, problems and opportunities does Graphic recording address?

  • Making meetings or seminars more effective, collaborative AND more fun.
  • Providing new ways to brainstorm and problem-solve
  • Providing new ways to conduct strategy meetings
  • Helping you to get buy-in for your ideas more easily
  • Reducing boring, time-consuming meeting summaries.

How does it work?

Its practitioners are trained coaches or facilitators who are skilled at active listening, who record the content of meetings or seminars, in order to crystallize and make sense of the mass of information the client needs to process. The recorder produces a map on large format paper in real-time. The result can also be reworked in a studio setting depending on the objective the client has defined with the recorder prior to the event.

  1. Discussion with client as to desired outcome and use to which finished recording may be put.
  2. Set-up of equipment prior to event.
  3. During the event, key words captured and noted.
  4. Appropriate illustrations and colours added in real-time.
  5. Debriefing with group and participant additions if appropriate.


What is interesting and different about it ?

  • It is original, attractive and fun.
  • It is non-linear and highly condensed.
  • It puts each participant literally on the same page and in relation to the others which a classic report cannot do.
  • It appeals to both visual and intellectual modes of information-processing which a written document cannot do.
  • It is real-time feedback as opposed to classic minutes thereby capitalising on the energy of the participants.
  • It leaves no-one indifferent - even if someone rejects the result or the process, a discussion is opened.

What’s in it for you and your organization?

  • Use visual methods to improve communication and implementation of ideas
  • Get your team literally “on the same page”
  • Allow people to express themselves through visual metaphors and linking ideas
  • Record an internal event through a collaborative, motivational document
  • Debrief a meeting more effectively
  • Clarify concepts and points of view in strategic planning
  • Facilitate meetings and gain consensus by having the participants take over and own the process.
  • Harvest world cafés
  • Bring an original touch to external communication.

What kind of services do we offer your organization?

Initial presentation

We meet with you and show you examples of graphic recordings, and explore your needs.

Graphic recording for your event

We record your events, first exploring with you how you can capitalize on this experience.

One-day workshop

You wish to learn the basics of this tool in order to apply it for your personal clarification of problems or enhance your managerial skills.

Two-day workshop

You wish to learn the basic skills of graphic recording and illustration and have the opportunity to practice in more depth.

Why work with us?

Elizabeth Auzan is a trained coach / facilitator/graphic recorder.

We put people at the centre of our proposals.

Our 5-D process guarantees tailored, cost-effective solutions.

We are innovative and creative.

We are forerunners in this domain in Europe.

Who invented it ?

Graphic recording is a logical development from non-linear thinking and possibly the use of drawing in some schools of psychoanalysis. Although there is not one unique “inventor”, one of the pioneers is David Sibbett founder of The Grove Consultants www.grove.com . The technique is widely used in the US and UK and is developing fast in Europe.