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The Talent Spirit’s mission


Our mission is to make the organization a better place to work for.

 Discovering new ways to design and deliver organizational practices to assist management in transforming their people’s talents into organizational capabilities.

We believe that all organizations have the choice of investing in improving and developing the organization itself and the abilities of their people.

Organizations that choose to invest will reap the benefits of mobilized employees who will look for and take advantage of business opportunities. This in turn will provide sustainability of employment and opportunities to develop, ensuring the organization is a great place to work for.

The Talent Spirit’s vision


In the 21st century people will make the difference in organizations.

 We believe that organizations will apply research and evidence based practices to mobilize their people’s resources.

The Talent Spirit’s values



 We value open dialogue between all parties including the sharing and transparency of information.

We advocate openness to new ideas and especially evidence based knowledge.



We accept diverse perspectives.

We value honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

We adhere to an ethical code of conduct.



 We value the spirit of collaboration.

We work together in mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, consultants and our employees.


 We value competence, expertise and humility.

We strive for continuous learning and seek to remain curious.


 We value the power of having fun together with others.

We support optimistic and positive approaches in and at work.


 We value individual and collective creativity for the development and delivery of our services.