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Course Design

In our skills training programs, our approach is experiential. If training is about learning how to do things, we would like our participants to experience doing it in a non-threatening environment, where you can try different ways of doing it, getting feedback, reflecting on it and making your mind up about how you will go about it “back on the ranch”. There is no failure, there is feedback.
In all our courses we remain true to real-world situations, which is why we want to find as much as possible out about your situation, your reality, and design a course that will help you to improve your performance in your world.
We have designed all kinds of courses for many different worlds since 1980. We work with subject-matter experts, with line management, to understand the environment. We are well-versed in creative and interactive classroom learning methods.
All our courses start with clear learning objectives, statements of ability, which are individually rated before the course and after the course.
Very often our courses contain case studies that require pre-course reflection, team work during the course, and integration of course content and know-how through role plays and presentations. A sort of “action learning” on the program!
All of our course descriptions have been designed for clients.  Our courses are highly interactive; our trainers are facilitators. All of them are certified coaches, can ask great questions, give clear feedback, and guide the process of learning and change.